Rio Bravo Climate Action Project, Belize

Project Summary:


  • The Rio Bravo Climate Action Project involves the protection of 6,296 hectares (15,558 acres) of tropical forest located in northwest Belize.
  • These forests, put up for sale by a local logging company, were threatened by conversion to industrial agriculture.
  • The land owner and manager, Programme for Belize (PfB), manages the land for conservation as part of the broader Rio Bravo Conservation and Management Area (RBCMA), which is the second largest protected area in Belize.




  • The RBCMA is home to 200 species of trees, 350 species of birds, 70 species of mammals and 39 species of conservation concern including the jaguar, puma, margay, ocelot, the howler and spider monkeys.
  • The RBCMA is also home to more than 60 Mayan ruins and Belize’s third largest Mayan site, La Milpa.
  • The RBCMA houses two ecolodges and provides full time employment for about 20-25 employees, including rangers, tour guides, cooks, and maintenance workers.


Project Standards:


Verified Carbon Standard (VCS)


The Nature Conservancy, Programme for Belize



The Rio Bravo Climate Action Project ensures the conservation and sustainable management of 15,550 acres of forest...


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