Novel approach to measuring biodiversity impacts of REDD projects​

Together with colleagues at Carbon Tanzania, University College London and Liverpool John Moores University, TerraCarbon's Rebecca Dickson, David Shoch, and Ben Rifkin have published a manuscript in a special issue of Forests.  


The manuscript describes their work to combine deforestation models with species distribution models to quantify the habitat benefits of forest protection.  The article presents the Ntkatka Mountains REDD project in western Tanzania as a case study where the benefits of forest protection activities for chimpanzee habitat will be quantified.  This novel approach could be applied to quantify biodiversity habitat benefits for other species in the context of REDD or non-REDD forest conservation projects. 


We're grateful to co-authors, Marc Baker of Carbon Tanzania, and Noemi Bonnin, Alex Piel, and Fiona Stewart, for their contributions and collaboration on this work.


Read the article here.


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