We connect conservation projects to carbon finance.

TerraCarbon LLC is a leading advisory firm that helps develop and sell carbon offsets

to fund forest and wetland conservation around the world. We believe that innovative approaches that place a value on nature and provide incentives for conservation are critical to addressing climate change, improving the availability and quality of freshwater, protecting biodiversity, and alleviating poverty.​


TerraCarbon Projects

Projects Validated/Supported: 30
Area Restored/Protected: 1.9 million hectares
Verified Emission Reductions: 25 million mtCO2e





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Our 2018 Impact Report

TerraCarbon is pleased to publish our 2018 Impact Report. The report aims to record and publicly share our 2018 results; to celebrate our successes, analyze our shortcomings, quantify our impact, explain our decision making, and declare our goals for the future. We encourage you to  with any questions, comments, or feedback and look forward to our continued work with our trusted clients and partners in 2019.​ Related Download: TC 2018 Impact Report​

TerraCarbon and The Nature Conservancy receive Innovation Award from the American Carbon Registry​

The American Carbon Registry has honored TerraCarbon and the North Carolina Chapter of The Nature Conservancy (TNC) for their innovative work developing the methodology for Restoration of Pocosin Wetlands. A type of freshwater wetlands unique to the Atlantic Coastal plain of the U.S. extending from southern Virginia to northern Florida, pocosins store substantial amounts of carbon. At one time they covered over one million acres in eastern North Carolina alone. Only about 280,000 acres remain today, mirroring the trend across the United States of massive wetland loss following settlement. Pocosin wetlands were ditched and drained for agriculture and forestry beginning in the late 1700s. When pocosin wetlands dry up, carbon is released. The ability to generate carbon offsets from the restoration represents an innovative opportunity to attract carbon finance to avoid further carbon loss. Read the ACR announcement.​



Our current and past clients include the world’s leading conservation organizations, forward-thinking companies, and pioneering social enterprises:



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We know…financing conservation is not easy.  Sure, you can ask for donations, apply for grants, seek funding from government programs. But it is often not enough, and usually only available to cover the upfront costs of your project...

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For many organizations, reducing or eliminating their carbon footprint is a way to demonstrate environmental responsibility and sustainability to customers and employees that want to be part of the solution, and not part of the problem...

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We understand that developing new markets for environmental services means building tools and rules that underpin the functioning of these markets. It also means evaluating current approaches...

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