Blue Carbon: Using Carbon Offsets to Restore Coastal Wetlands

Did you know that blue is most people’s favorite color? Blue is known as the coolest color -  the color of the sky, ocean, and twilight -  and has been found to boost creativity and innovation in people.


Turns out the color blue is also spurring creativity and innovation in the carbon offset market with the recent emergence of blue carbon.  Blue carbon refers to the carbon stored in coastal wetlands which include mangroves, salt (or tidal) marshes, and sea grasses.


Coastal wetlands represent one of our most valuable sources of natural capital, providing protection from storms, filtering coastal waters, and serving as nursery grounds for fish.


Coastal wetlands also remove large quantities of carbon dioxide from the air and store carbon in plants and most importantly in soils. Surprisingly, the storage capacity of these systems rival and can even exceed those of tropical forests.


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