Natural Climate Solutions for the United States

Restoring the United States’ lands and coastal wetlands could have a much bigger role in reducing global warming than previously thought. A peer-reviewed study published in Science Advances from The Nature Conservancy and 21 institutional partners found that nature’s contribution could equal 21% of the nation’s current net annual emissions, by adjusting 21 natural management practices to increase carbon storage and avoid greenhouse emissions. The study is the first to include the climate benefits of coastal wetlands and grasslands in a comprehensive mix along with forests and agriculture.     



David Shoch of TerraCarbon was one of the paper's co-authors and led the assessment of natural forest management pathways. TerraCarbon is thrilled to work with The Nature Conservancy and its partners on this important paper which affirms our conviction in the essential role of natural climate solutions in solving the climate crisis.


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Read the paper.​

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