Engaging Millennials with Offsetting

Did you know that 8 in 10 millennials want to be engaged in companies’ sustainability activities? Or that 8 in 10 believe that business has the potential to address climate change and protect the environment? These were among the findings from Deloittes’ 2014 millennial survey and report on engaging customers in sustainability. But how can companies use carbon offsets to engage with millennials in sustainability?  Here are three good examples.


1. JetBlue - Keep it simple.

On Earth Day, JetBlue announced that it would be offsetting all emissions from its customers during the month of April to celebrate Earth Day and as a way to grow awareness of carbon offsetting among its customers. JetBlue put together a simple infographic to explain its emissions, own actions, and use of offsets which include forest conservation. Keeping it simple, JetBlue flyers can use their loyalty points to offset their own emissions through JetBlue’s partner, Carbonfund.org.


2. Dell - Make it social.

Dell has been a long-time supporter and partner of The Conservation Fund’s Go Zero program which supports carbon based reforestation and forest conservation in the U.S. Dell, which recently went private, released its first annual report to customers and announced on Twitter that it will be making a donation to Go Zero to fund restoration at the Laguna Atascosa National Wildlife Refuge in Texas for each time #DellARC is shared. Yes, the donations are not offset purchases, but will be used for restoration just the same. 


3. Stand for Trees – Make it personal.

Stand For Trees is a campaign launched earlier this year by the non-profit Code REDD with support from USAID that aims to engage individuals in supporting forest conservation through the purchase of carbon offsets. On Earth Day, Stand For Trees released the video “Dear Future Generations: Sorry” produced by Prince Ea and the video immediately went viral, exceeding more than 60 million views. Prince Ea, a spoken word artist/rapper from St. Louis, speaks from the heart about the social and economic aspects of deforestation and climate change and encourages viewers to be part of the solution by standing for trees.


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